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Keyword Specific Landing Pages

Solar Power

Wind Power

Renewable Energy



Banner ads are one of the BEST ways to promote any website as you can place them anywhere on your website where visitors will see them and click on them.

Alternatively, you can purchase CHEAP banner space on high traffic websites. When someone click on the banner and purchases the product, you get paid!

Need to find high traffic sites with cheap advertising space for sale?

SitePoint Marketplace | Digital Point Forums

You can either:

  1. Add one or more of these banners to your webpage(s)
  2. Submit these banners in banner exchange programs
  3. Use them as advertisements on other people’s websites
  4. Or use a combination of two or more of the above

Google-Sized Banners

You can use the banners below to promote Free Energy Options on your website.

Use these banner ads for google's content network. Often people overlook the content network, yet in this market it seems to convert very well.

Google now allows you to place banners on their content network, and these often outperform traditional textlinks. These have been created below to conform to Google's Content Network Banner Sizes.

Simply right click on any image and select 'save image as' to save to your own computer, or use the text boxes below each banner, so that you can upload to google adwords and promote the Free Energy Options course via the content network.

There are two collections of banners for you to choose from:

Version 1

Version 2

Don't forget to insert your affiliate hoplink!

Free Energy Options Banners - Version 1

Free Energy Options
Option 1 Banner 1
(120 x 600)

Free Energy Options
Option 1 Banner 2
(160 x 600)

Free Energy Options
Option 1 Banner 3
(200 x 200)

Free Energy Options
Option 1 Banner 4
(250 x 250)

Free Energy Options
Option 1 Banner 5

(300 x 250)

Free Energy Options
Option 1 Banner 6
(336 x 280)
  Free Energy Options
Option 1 Banner 7 (468 x 60)
  Free Energy Options
Option 1 Banner 8 (728 x 90) - displayed image reduced to fit this page


Free Energy Options Banners - Version 2

Free Energy Options
Option 2 Banner 1
(120 x 600)

Free Energy Options
Option 2 Banner 2
(160 x 600)

Free Energy Options
Option 2 Banner 3
(200 x 200)

Free Energy Options
Option 2 Banner 4
(250 x 250)

Free Energy Options
Option 2 Banner 5

(300 x 250)

Free Energy Options
Option 2 Banner 6
(336 x 280)
  Free Energy Options
Option 2 Banner 7 (468 x 60)
  Free Energy Options
Option 2 Banner 8 (728 x 90) - displayed image reduced to fit this page


Google AdWords, MSN AdCenter, and Yahoo! Search Marketing are some of the easiest and fastest ways to get extremely targeted traffic to your website. With these programs you only pay when someone clicks your ad. Remember, many affiliates in this niche have had conversions of up to 4-6% through Google AdWords, which is around one in every twenty people buying. Since you are getting over $30/sale and around $54 with the back-end, this makes it actually pretty easy to make a profit if you follow some of the methods we give you on this page.

Here are the two ads we used on MSN AdCenter:

Free Energy Options
Create Your Own Energy...
Save $1000's...100% Guaranteed
Homemade Wind Generator
Make Your Own Wind Generator
Save $1000's. Only $48.95 Act Now!

Here are some keywords for you to start using:

We've seen PPC campaigns converting 1 in 10 in this niche - the Free Energy Options system will convert especially well if you create a "review page" and make Free Energy Options your #1 choice. "Direct linking" (sending traffic direct to our page) will also work - but reviewing the product will mean huge conversions and more money in your pocket.



Use these Free Energy Options review/landing pages on your own domain

Remember up in the PPC section we talked about sending traffic to a review site? Well, we have sweet review templates for you to download and host.

Do not try to sell the product on your review page. You should show the benefits, your opinion and briefly show some of the product features.

Your landing page should be kept short and have at least one hoplink above the fold.

Preview Landing Page  |  Download Landing Page Files